Change Mindset – Create New Habits

Change is the only constant. 
We all know this truth. Yet, many people try to prevent change and try their best to operate within personal comfort zones. Any positive change in our life starts with us. We are a product of our new habits. 
We all set goals for ourselves – lose weight, start eating healthier, learn a new language, write a book, find a better job, or something else – but many fail to realize them. Why do you think that is? Why don’t we all succeed when we all know we want to make the change? 
Because, many people don’t believe that they can! 
When you want to make a change in your life, knowing what to do is just not enough. You must believe that you can do it – irrespective of what happened in the past. That is called changing your mindset and truly believing that you can do something. 
You can implement every single change you want to see in yourself and eventually your life. Just follow these steps... 
1. Automate the Change 
Start small. All good things come in small packages. As does change. 
Make a small change that does not cause any significant shift in your life. We all started learning alphabets one day at a time, right? Yet, we speak and write fluently, don’t we? Were you overwhelmed by this change during your learning phase? No! 
That’s the power of compounding effect. You start something small and build upon it. It will soon become a part of your life. So, instead of going empty stomach to the office, keep a dozen bananas on your dining table. Pick it up on your way out of the house. You can then start drinking milk or a shake with it. And slowly, you will find yourself having a full-fledged breakfast every day. 
Remember, it takes 21-60 days to form a habit. So, be consistent. 
2. Introduce Triggers 
We all have our triggers. Some foods can transport us back to our childhood. Watching an old show can remind us of the exact day we saw that episode. The specific triggers vary from one person to another. Their nature does not. All these are memory triggers, and they have a powerful impact on how we function. 
When you want to introduce a change, attach it to an activity that is an integral part of your life. For instance, make meditation an activity you do after brushing your teeth. Placing it at a precise spot in your routine will make it essential for your day. You will not need any reminders for doing that activity. 
3. Establish Accountability 
This is another critical step in making a change in your life. Ask a reliable friend to keep tabs on you. With honest feedback and constant monitoring, you will be better placed and motivated to make a change. Your friend will also act as your support system and keep you motivated through the process. 
4. Make it Happen 
Every change regimen demands persistence and consistency. You already know your work schedule, your family commitments, and other important things you need to do. So, account for them and make time for your “change” within those constraints. When you keep doing something every day, you feel invested in it. So, make sure that you make all arrangements to maintain the momentum. However, don’t feel down and out if you miss out once.  
Write down your new habits and follow these steps. You will realize the change. 
Keep going! 

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