How to Cope with Stress And Anxiety During Times Of Uncertainty?

2020 has been one roller coaster of a year for every person on the planet. Everything seems to be slipping out of our control and entering a realm of uncertainty. From health to economy to relationships, the future of everything seems to have a mind of its own. Naturally, you feel overwhelmed. 
But, here’s a thought. Before the world came face to face with a pandemic, many things were out of our control anyway. Uncertainty is unavoidable. Today it’s due to a pandemic, tomorrow it will be the world economy, then something else. You get the gist. So, it is better to learn to cope with the stress and anxiety, learn to respond to it than be affected by it. Here’s how. 
Isolate the Source 
What is causing you the stress and anxiety? The answer might seem easy on the face value. Let’s say right now it’s the pandemic. But, what about it? 
Are you living in a COVID19 hotspot? Then take the more extreme precautions. Wash hands more frequently, use masks, and go out for only essentials. 
Have a family member in the risk group? Then don’t let them go out at all. 
Worried about losing your job? You cannot possibly know that right now. In the worst-case scenario that you do lose it, your worrying is not going to stop it. It’s better to find a way to upskill or think about other career options and research on relevant education to realize it. 
This is what happens when you isolate the source – you start getting answers. 
Accept Your Limits 
As humans, we all have our limits. Fortunately, or unfortunately, worrying does not expand those limits. So, before you start stressing yourself to a panic attack, consider the possibility of not worrying. 
If you are not a doctor, nurse, scientist or any other essential worker, your best contribution is social distancing. Worrying beyond that is only going to add to your problems. 
Shift Your Focus 
They say that an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. Instead of renting out your mind space to the devil, reserve it for something better – spend more time with your family, call up your friends, learn to cook, garden, sew, dance, sing, or something new. Just give your mind a calmer place to shift its focus to. 
Positive People Help 
It’s a well-known fact that positive people push us to be our better versions. No wonder, when we surround ourselves with positive people, we are more likely to achieve our goals. In this case, the goal being an improved mental health. A good sign of identifying the positive people in your life is that whenever you talk to them, you feel better. 
Surround yourself with more positive people and you will feel that fog of anxiety and stress lifting up. 

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