How To Focus On What’s Important? Right Now!

Have you noticed how everyone around you keeps asking you about your goals for the future – be it about your career, family, or something else? 
On the other hand, we have all spent hours overthinking the things that we have done in the past and experience a string of mood swings that come with it. 
Do you see a pattern here? 
We keep obsessing on things that are beyond our control – the uncertain future and the unchangeable past. In the process, we unwittingly waste away the one thing that we can control – our present. 
The 2008 animated movie, Kung Fu Panda, had this nugget of wisdom to offer us – Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present”. So, in the quest of the unknown, do not lose out on your “present”. 
Here is how you can re-focus your energies and make the most of it... 
1. Get a Morning Routine 
A morning routine gives your day a structure. It helps you lose the feeling that you are just moving from one task to another and regain control. Set aside 30 minutes to an hour for your morning routine. This can include exercise, meditation, reading a book, walking the dog, and most importantly, planning your day. 
2. Limit Your Activity On Social Media Platforms 
It is great to be social and keep in touch with friends and family. However, it is better to find the time to talk to them or even meet them. Designate time for checking your emails, notifications, and friend requests. This will help you create time in your day for things that truly matter. 
3. If You Write It, It’s Real 
With a million things to distract us, we have lost touch with our own selves. We have also forgotten the power of maintaining a journal. Find a few minutes in your day to jot down your thoughts. While this process will give you a way to vent out, it will also help you “see” what you are thinking. It will help you organize your thoughts and articulate what you want to say or do. 
4. Set the Terms of the Day 
You can get what you want from life if you can extract what you want from each day. Whether you have an important meeting, a family function, or a date, spare a few minutes to think about the outcome you want from the event. You can decide how you want to feel, how you want others to feel, or what expectations you want to set for yourself. As each event comes to a conclusion, you will feel a sense of achievement and control. Since you do things intentionally, you will also build on confidence and become better with every day. 
5. Never Underestimate Leisure 
You can work with 100% efficiency only when your mind and body are well-rested. When you plan your day, always keep time for leisure activities – whether it is to play your favorite sport, spend time with your family, go out with your friends, learn a new hobby, or something else. When you enjoy every day, you will automatically have a good life. 
Everyone should appreciate one simple fact – present is all that we have. So, it is only sensible to concentrate on what we have.  

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