Starting 2020 Fresh and Strong

This time of the year is so conducive to reflection. You might have had an amazing year and this is the time to celebrate all your successes, your travels, your good health, the time you spent with your loved ones… However, if it was a difficult year, it might be unpleasant to look back. But in order to start fresh it is important to face all those experiences from the past and start a new page in your book of life. 
Every year, I like to start fresh and strong. No matter how hard the previous year was, you have to pick up the pieces and get yourself back together. Because, like it or not, next year will again bring more “good” and “not so good” experiences. So, embrace everything you have learnt and start the new year with even more determination and power. 
In order to have a rocking start of the year, it is time to acknowledge and appreciate everything you have achieved last year. Look back and give yourself credit for all the things you have accomplished. Likewise, dedicate some time to think of the challenges you have faced this year and the lessons that you have learnt. 
Year after year, we win and we lose, we have ups and downs but the most important point is to focus on our victories and acknowledge our efforts and our learnings. Because even when we don’t succeed or even when we don’t get the recognition, there is always an element of growth. 
I like to emphasize the importance of self-acknowledgement because I see how hard my clients and people around me work in order to succeed. But I noticed that very rarely they stop to look back and recognize how much they achieve each year, each month, each week. 
So I encourage you to take some time now to write down your 5 big achievements this year and the 5 big lessons you learnt from the challenges you faced. 
How does it make you feel? How can you start the New Year fresh and strong based on everything you have accomplished and learnt? How do you want to show up on the 1st of January 2020? 
By doing this, all your New Year’s resolution will definitely come easily because you have done the work of preparing yourself mentally. Mindset is THE most valuable power we have. A strong mindset can take you anywhere, but you have to dedicate time to nourish it. If you do so, 2020 is yours! 

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