The Challenges of a Businesswoman No One Talks About

It's not a man’s world anymore. According to a 2017 report by the National Association of Women Business Owners, 11.6 million firms in the US are owned by women. These establishments generated employment for 1.9 million people and brought in $1.7 trillion in revenues. So, the modern businesswoman is clearly thriving. Or are they? Women continue to be in the minority in the world of business, fighting against gender stereotypes while taking care of the household; struggling to find mentors to guide them while parenting their children; the challenges are overwhelming, but their grit is stronger. What are the challenges that women in business face and how they are hustling to overcome them? Let’s find out! 
Getting Over Comparisons 
In a professional business setting, women are very aware of being compared to their male counterparts. Naysayers call women risk-averse, lacking aggression, bad negotiators, and what not. Successful businesswomen understand that there is a real unconscious bias working against them. It could be because of the limited role models. For successful businesswomen this works as a driver. It is one more reason for them to set an example for women aiming to enter the world of business. 
Finding the Balance 
Most businesswomen have household responsibilities and children to take care of, apart from tackling the full-time challenge of running a business. While the family is expecting her to be a loving wife and a doting mother, her business needs her to be a leader who is always available. Behind every successful woman entrepreneur, there is a balancing act. She has to set her priorities straight, have a conversation with the family and schedule time to commit to both spheres of her life. There are enough women from Indra Nooyi to Sheryl Sandberg who have proven that it is possible to do both and succeed. 
Insufficient Support 
As a society, we like to believe that men and women are equal. However, if you do really go out and work in a professional setting, you will find the culture to be quite the opposite. Women at workplace are constantly compared to their male counterparts and usually see themselves lagging behind. 
Women are constantly judged for their leadership skills and are more probable to find less support at their workplace. But, successful businesswomen understand that the road to success is often lonely. They do not try to please everyone around them, but let their success speak for themselves. They do not let insufficient support systems in personal or professional settings get in their way of success. From Oprah Winfrey to JK Rowling, there are plenty of success stories who fought odds without the support of the society, rose to the challenge and came out on top. 
Taking the Lead 
The society is catching up to the idea of successful businesswomen. It is not yet perfect, but it is better than it was yesterday and it will get better tomorrow. But, women who succeed don’t wait for the society to give them the way forward, they persevere more and make a path of their own. A path that will lead more women to success. 

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