How To Receive and Process Constructive Feedback?

constructive feedback Aug 28, 2019
Constructive feedback helps to open doors for new opportunities. 
But, most people find it hard to accept feedback. They reach out for explanations, bring up their defenses and even get angry when they are given accurate and constructive feedback. While people should not listen to everything others have to say, it is essential to appreciate feedback when they see value in it. That is how people can accelerate their growth. 
If you find it difficult to receive or process constructive feedback, then here are some actionable steps for you to follow. 
Step#1: Listen, Listen, Listen 
Instead of reacting or completely tuning out the feedback you receive, listen to it first. Most people confuse listening with agreeing. But, those are two completely different things. When you are listening to someone with an open mind, you are absorbing everything they are saying. Let the person in front of you steer the conversation and see where...
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