Are You Making The Most Of Your Day?

getting things done Apr 15, 2019

How many hours do business leaders, Presidents, or Nobel Prize winners have in a day? How many hours do you have? 

Everyone gets the same 24 hours, the same 1440 minutes each day. However, most people get overwhelmed by the long list of tasks that awaits them at the start of the day. These tasks can be unanswered emails, stacks of files, a pending report or something else. 
The root cause of the reaction lies in the amygdala in the medial temporal lobe of the human brain. The amydgala forms part of the limbic system and triggers an emotional response to an external stimulus. The fact that humans are hardwired to feel an emotional reaction means that everyone experiences it. While some decide to give up, others persevere and learn how to overcome it. 
The Key Is To Find Strategies That Help Coach The Brain... 
The frontal lobe is responsible for critical cognitive skills like judgement, language, and most importantly, problem-solving....
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