Make Your Own Success Story with Our High Performance Coaching Program 
You get 12 weekly one-on-one coaching sessions
Each session will last 60 minutes over the phone
Includes an action plan and a list of commitments made for each session. 
BONUS: Complementary worksheets to help you master each session’s topic. 
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It is true that most of the time people are reacting to the world instead of focusing on what really matters to them. This session is all about bringing the focus back. We discuss the critical areas of life, understand the things you focus on and find out areas you should give more attention to. We look at what habits are supporting or pulling you away from progressing towards your goals. 
Only a handful of people take the time to stop and think about how they want to show up in their lives and what really matters to them. In this session, we will focus on how you want to be perceived and how you want to interact with others around you. What you would like to achieve and which life principles and practices will support you on your journey. 
Most people are so “busy” that they do not even take the time to take care of themselves – mentally or physically. In this session, we aim to understand how much energy you have each day and help you take up new habits that will give you the stamina you need to pursue your goals. 
Our society can make people focus more on their fears and limiting beliefs instead of their potential. In this session, we will look at where you feel confident and explore other areas where you are holding yourself back. This session aims to make you more courageous and encourage you to take firm action towards your goals. 
Everyone wants to be more productive and reach their goals faster. This is a priority for High Performers because they know that time is precious and they constantly make the most of it! My aim with this session is to help you focus on the actions that can take you to the next level in your professional and personal life. I will provide you with the tools that will make it happen. 
Most High Performers are highly influential in their relationships and careers. Would it help you achieve more if you were a more influential person? In this session, I will provide you with the tools and concepts that will help you reach the next level of influence and action you need to achieve your goals. 
At this point in the programme, I want you to have a deeper understanding of the 6 pillars of High Performance: psychology, physiology, productivity, persuasion, presence and purpose. We start with psychology because it is fundamental to understand and master your mind. My objective is for you to develop a free, consciously-directed and positively engaged mind.  
It is crucial to continuously activate your physiology in a way you have the strength and energy to move towards your next level of achievement in life. I will check on your energy levels compare it with the Energy session (Session 3) and give you a few more tools to make you feel even stronger. 
High Performers regularly review their productivity levels and look for new ways to become more effective towards their goals. In the Productivity session, I examine how productive you have been over the past few weeks, help you tune out distraction and look for more ways to become even more productive and move faster towards your goals. 
The world’s highest performers are remarkably influential. In this session, I will target areas where you can be more persuasive and influential in your relationships and career. I will give you tools that will raise your level of effectiveness, so you can continue moving forward towards your ambitions. 
High Performers are remarkably purpose-driven, both in how they live and lead. This session is to assist you in living and leading with purpose in your life, so you can reach new levels of achievement that are meaningful to you. 
Successful individuals are COMMITTED to lifelong discipline and master the 6 key areas included in the programme. With the last session, I will check your performance and define the areas you should focus on moving forward. I will also assist you in making commitments to continuously reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life. 

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