Hi there!

I am Cláudia Paula

High Performance Coach

I help my clients to achieve their goals while maintaining optimal mental and physical health.

Want to know what my clients are saying?

Pedro, Managing Consultant, London 

"Claudia runs a very robust and complete program with targeted focus and practical tools which have greatly helped me giving the professional steps I was looking for."
Marta, Psychiatrist, Barcelona 
"I would recommend anyone to start this journey with Claudia. For me, it was a transformative experience.  Cláudia provided me with tools and resources that helped me to reach my personal and professional goals."
 Marko, Ophthalmologist, Slovenia

"Cláudia has been my inspiring coach for over three years and we still progress with every session. We have importantly reshaped some of the deepest subconscious beliefs I held about myself and the possibilities of what can or what can not be done in life."

 Rocio, International Commerce, Spain 

"Cláudia helped me refocus and prioritize. It is refreshing and invaluable to regain the desire to achieve goals in life. And that is what she has done for me."  

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