Here is what our clients have to say about our High Performance Coaching program. 
"Blocked. That was my situation. No progress, no projects, no motivation. And all of it has changed drastically in recent months. Thanks to Claudia. 
She gave me all the necessary tools. Firstly, she helped me to understand what my needs were. Secondly, she helped me re-learn the basics and rediscover my motivation. 
I cannot thank her enough for her time and patience throughout the in which she understood how I functioned and made me better. She helped me refocus and prioritise. It is precious and refreshing to regain the desire to achieve goals in life. And that is what she has done for me." 
ROCIO, International Commerce Technician, Albacete 
"Claudia has been my inspiring coach for over three years and we still progress with every session. We have by now moved far beyond the initial programmed sessions, but the first twelve High Performance Coaching sessions have had the most dramatic impact on me and have importantly reshaped some of the deepest subconscious beliefs I held about myself and the possibilities of what can or what can not be done in life. 
Through the process of High Performance Coaching I have slowly opened up to the idea that such a heightened level of all around performance is even possible. I have embraced the constant change which the process will bring into your life, and we have steadily worked with Claudia to reshape a bunch of my habits in order to better serve my needs in reaching my life dreams, my career goals, my fitness goals and my interpersonal relationships...and I have become a much calmer person as a result. We are now continuing the coaching sessions on a completely individualised platform, and it is this ongoing coaching whereby we continue to fine tune my all around performance, where the continuity of results is really starting to fruit for me on all levels. 
Claudia is one of those rare people who have managed to integrate "over the roof" levels of empathy with “over the roof” levels of optimism and “over the roof” levels of passion for organised performance, and she has delivered it with a punch in every single session we had…you can just feel her good vibe electrifying you through the telephone line. Her true gift is to unobtrusively uncover your deepest dreams and then she also has the skill to give you the discipline and to hold you accountable for what you have planned for. 
Note that the whole process can get quite personal, and you will surely go through phases of struggling with your inner obstacles as you suddenly start the spring cleaning and shed light onto your subconscious mind. This is not magic, although it will sometimes appear to be. As far as I am concerned…I have moved fast forward and never looked back. Bring it on Claudia!" 
MARKO, Ophthalmologist, Slovenia 
"Claudia runs a very robust and complete programme with targeted focus and practical tools which have greatly helped me giving the professional steps I was looking for.  
Claudia’s enthusiasm and sympathy are contagious from day one. She’s energetic, optimistic and resourceful.  
If you are feeling under water with so much in your plate, or you need to organise your thoughts to improve your professional situation or even your personal life, I certainly recommend coaching with Claudia!" 
PEDRO, Managing Consultant, London 
"I would recommend anyone to start this journey with Claudia. This program covers all areas in your life. 
For me, it was a transformative experience. It helped me to block time to carefully evaluate my priorities in life from a personal and a professional perspective. 
Claudia provided me with tools and resources that helped me to reach my personal and professional goals. It made me more fulfilled and helped me realise that I can reach whatever I want in life (e.g., I felt more confident and more productive at work, I was offered a new job, I won a grant, I improved my social skills at work. Although I have always been healthy, I implemented more healthy habits in my life, which made me feel more energised and gave me a sense of achievement). 
This program requires effort and persistence to get rid of old habits and implement new ones. So it is very important to revisit the sessions and practice the tasks in between sessions. 
Claudia plays an important role in making everything possible. She has a warm and at the same time professional style. It has been very inspiring working with her. She asks key questions which helped me to reflect and draw my own conclusions. And I found her session summaries and plan of action at the end of each session extremely helpful. 
Go for it! You won’t regret it!" 
MARTA, Psychiatrist, Barcelona 
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